A New Journey

to thine own beachNow and then, it’s good to pause in the pursuit of our happiness, and just be happy.

This is the first of many posts, I hope. Not only for the benefit of exhaling a day to make room for what will sure to be a very busy next, but to impart an experience, which might then connect with the experience of someone else, and combined perhaps a shared learning and growth will take place.

Feeling very unique, and yet not at all, I am a single parent of a 17 year old daughter and proud parent of a 27 year old son who survived cancer. If this wasn’t bold enough, I stepped out of a comfortable career after 15 years and began a new job. Today is day two. With a new year and new set of peeps to spend my days with (while missing the fantastic group I just left) I set out on on this new journey… which we all call 2015. Goal… to find a healthier me– one who works harder, plays harder, loves harder and dreams more. Sound cliche’ ? Doesn’t matter…. I still want it. Every single bit of it.

There are challenges ahead – both those I am aware of and ones I know I haven’t a clue that are on their way for me.

If you are interested in the tale of one very unique, yet, not so unique, woman’s journey through the areas of love, career, parenting and life in general.. I urge you to come along, impart your wisdom and humor and see where this year takes us.


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