Friendships – Old and New

new friendship

It’s so hard to believe that week one at the new workplace has almost drawn to a close. The time has flown while I met all sorts of new faces this week — people that I will spend everyday for the next several years with. It’s crazy when you think about it that way – eight hours a day, five days a week … for years! It’s like being born into a new family.

Everyday this week, I looked around the office and watched people to try to figure out who each character was. Who is the comedian, the pessimist, the gossipmongier, the ego-maniac, the office grump, and so on. The funny thing is, I can’t wait to make friends with ALL of them. I tend to love people for their quirks and what makes them truly special. I can remember my first day in my last job, over 15 years ago. The one man that was a complete ego-maniac and who loved to educate me in nothing short of a condescending way, became one of my closest friends, the one I would regularly go to lunch with and we could share our personal stories and support each other.

While I’m eager to get to know this new group, I find myself missing all of my “old” friends at my former stomping grounds — “Kahuna”, “Poobah” and my “Sister”. I also miss being called Snicey (a playful combination of snarky and nice) and being called “dude”. I miss the co-worker that when I first met him, I knew instantly we would be great friends.. and it felt like I had known him for years, In fact, I kept trying to place his name for months because I could have sworn I already knew him! I miss “M Street” (located in the Sexual Health section of the old floor, so I’ll let you do the guessing as to it’s name). While I’ll of course still visit these friends (happy hour is to commence at 5:30 tomorrow evening) I miss their ever-day presence. I carry them with me though.. and the crystal bowl that holds small cards filled with their goodbyes and well-wishes sits on my new desk to remind me constantly of their friendship and love. The most important thing anyone one of us can walk away with after years in a workplace.

While I wait for new friendships to reveal themselves, I do already have one very special friend  – the incredible lady who created the opportunity which brought me to my new job. She’s amazingly smart, creative, fun, respectful, tenacious and just an all around beautiful human being. She doesn’t know it, but when I first saw her years ago, even before I first began working for her in 2013 in my previous position, I knew she was going to be a special part of my life (I have premonitions quite often) but I just had no idea what a huge catalyst for positive change and growth she would be. Any environment she helps cultivate, I want to be a part of it and I am just so thrilled to be in this new position working for her.

With all of these reflections on the blessings of friendship, I draw this day to a close. I can’t wait to share what characters reveal themselves, and can’t wait until later when they perhaps see this blog and recognize themselves in the stories.






A New Journey

to thine own beachNow and then, it’s good to pause in the pursuit of our happiness, and just be happy.

This is the first of many posts, I hope. Not only for the benefit of exhaling a day to make room for what will sure to be a very busy next, but to impart an experience, which might then connect with the experience of someone else, and combined perhaps a shared learning and growth will take place.

Feeling very unique, and yet not at all, I am a single parent of a 17 year old daughter and proud parent of a 27 year old son who survived cancer. If this wasn’t bold enough, I stepped out of a comfortable career after 15 years and began a new job. Today is day two. With a new year and new set of peeps to spend my days with (while missing the fantastic group I just left) I set out on on this new journey… which we all call 2015. Goal… to find a healthier me– one who works harder, plays harder, loves harder and dreams more. Sound cliche’ ? Doesn’t matter…. I still want it. Every single bit of it.

There are challenges ahead – both those I am aware of and ones I know I haven’t a clue that are on their way for me.

If you are interested in the tale of one very unique, yet, not so unique, woman’s journey through the areas of love, career, parenting and life in general.. I urge you to come along, impart your wisdom and humor and see where this year takes us.